The new rules of consumer tech

Welcome to the first edition of Recharged, Fever x Nelson Bostock’s magazine dedicated to consumer tech comms. Inside, you’ll find articles from our experts on the issues of the day, what we reckon is coming next, and how we can all get the results we need in an absurdly fast-paced comms environment.

THE TECH TRENDS you need to know for 2021

Fever is a PR, Social and Influencer agency. The agency was founded in the consumer technology sector, and have a wealth of experience launching hardware, software peripherals and services, we have a deep insight-driven understanding of audiences, we know how to harness communities and make the right cultural connections for them, we have equally strong relationships in place with traditional media and influencers, we know how to run (quite frankly) kick-ass press offices. 

Nelson Bostock has over three decades of experience in the corporate and B2B tech world. We work with a host of visionary clients, cementing themselves as one of the leading communications agencies for technology, digital, corporate and professional services companies. From pitching stories in 140 characters to streaming drone racing from Wembley Stadium, there is nothing we can’t handle.

Together we are UNLIMITED.

Recharged: Power up your consumer tech comms magazine